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FAQ: Sewer and Septic Inspections

Read answers to frequently asked questions about sewer and septic issues and learn about Magnolia's Sewer Scope Inspection service.


Holiday Home Decor Safety Guide

While the holiday season is a time of joy, it can also pose many dangers. Every year about 8,000 injuries occur from accidents related to holiday...

Who Should I Hire for a Home Inspector

Top 7 Qualifications 1. Education 2. Training 3. Certifications 4. Continuing Education 5. Coaching 6. Values.... l FREE Ultimate Vetting Checklist...

How Much Should a Home Inspection Cost?

Survey of home inspection prices in Nashville and Franklin, Tennessee l Results from the best home inspection companies that service these areas...

Top 5 Purposes of a Home Inspection

Why a Home Inspection? l 5 key purposes:1. Prepare for Negotiations... 2. Identify critical... 3. Review... 4. Prepare... 5. Protect Home Buyers...


Who Should I Hire for a Home Inspection?

Who Should I Hire for a Home Inspector If you’ve been looking for the perfect home in the Nashville metro area, you’ve probably come across quite a...

Home Inspection

How Long Should a Home Inspection Take?

This is a very good question and one that most buyers do not ask.   As a home inspector I can tell you most inspections should take around 2 to 3...


The Biggs’ Move

Isaac Biggs is a great friend of mine, a hard worker, and mechanically minded.  As a hobby, he builds furniture in his off time from scrap wood...

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